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Daniel Estrada

Legal Assistant

Daniel started with Modern Law on our Intake Team assisting customers in finding the best family law attorney for their case. He’s recently become a Legal Assistant who’s duties include important document filing, organizing legal materials, and helping our Operations team to close their cases. Daniel’s ability to empathize and connect with people is one of his strongest attributes. He treasures any opportunity to listen to different life experiences or stories and connect them to his own. Outside of work, he consumes everything the automotive industry has to offer. He’s a fan of racing in general but primarily watches Formula 1, and have started working on his very own project car. He’s persistent in constantly growing his knowledge of cars, in addition to family law.

Journey to Family Law

Daniel is a very empathetic person and values being able to help people any way possible. He wants to put his passion and kindness to good use. The law provides individuals exactly with this sort of opportunity.

Favorite Types of Cases

Daniel’s experience in family law is flourishing, but the opportunity to work intimately with different people to provide relief in a stressful period of their life has quickly become a noticeable and favored part of the work that goes on.

Education and Experience

Daniel recently graduated from Simpson College in Iowa with a double major in Political Science and International Relations. During his time there, he studied abroad in Adelaide, Australia where he worked for the state parliament. After that, he took a semester to work in Washington D.C. as an intern for an international organization, and also worked in the 2020 presidential election cycle as a voter turnout advocate. Now, he is back in the East Valley soaking up the sun on the Modern Law team.

Daniel Estrada

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