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Daniella 'Dani' Montez

Legal Paraprofessional

Dani’s passion for law began in early 2000 when she worked as a family law bailiff in Maricopa County Superior Court. In 2006, Dani joined her first law firm as a backup assistant and quickly worked her way through the ranks.

With hard work and a drive to learn, she became a paralegal to one of the firm’s partner’s a year later. Dani’s legal experience has always been in family law and she of course jumped at the opportunity to further her career by obtaining her Legal Paraprofessional license in April 2022, once it became available as a new designation of legal professional in Arizona.

She loves connecting with her clients on a personal level. Dani is known for bringing a sense of humor, compassion, honesty and calm to her clients. Her clients are more than just another case. She cares deeply for what each client is going through and helps them see the light at the end of their litigation.

Dani spends her free time as a busy mom of two boys and wife to Joey. They enjoy dirt bike riding, movie nights, bike rides when the weather is nice, Dodgers baseball, Supercross, entertaining family and friends, vacations to Rocky Point, impromptu weekend getaways and, when her husband caves, trips to Disneyland (her favorite place).

Dani happily takes on simple to complex cases. While she doesn’t shy away from arguing on her client’s behalf, litigious cases are draining emotionally and financially and can last a year or longer. Dani’s preference is for clients to control the outcome of their cases by reaching an agreement on their own terms, whenever possible – not the terms of the judge who sees litigants as another docket number.

She considers herself an Arizona native after moving to the state and west valley in 1989. She is “a west valley girl for life and will never relocate east of the 101,” she says.  She remembers the smell of the Bell Road orange tree orchards and “holding my breath to pass the dairy farms on 99th Avenue before there was a Loop 101.”

She grew up playing competitive soccer as well as high school soccer at Westview High School and riding her ATC in the Agua Fria River bottom or Glamis with her brothers. As the middle of three siblings and the only girl in the family, she had to learn to toughen up quick to stand her ground against her brothers which is partly where her competitive, argumentative nature stems from. She also draws on her background as a mix of Mexican, Italian and Puerto Rican with all the feistiness, but fun qualities that comes with that combo!

Her close, traditional family came with hardworking parents who always put her and her brother’s first. Today, she’s fortunate to still live within a few miles of her family with the full compliment of parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, and in-laws. What would be a special occasion gathering for most families is just another family dinner for them. Family is everything to Dani and it’s not lost on her how lucky she is to share every holiday or just because moment with them. She will forever be an Arizona girl for that reason.

Dani’s professional superpower is making her clients laugh through an otherwise emotional and difficult time. She’s had some personal experience in that realm as well. In 2009, Dani got out of a long-term relationship, purchasing her first home shortly afterward as a single woman. She enjoyed the independence and time to grow strong before meeting Joey, who became her husband in. “It was a time filled with personal growth, setting boundaries and learning that I could accomplish anything I set mind to without being co-dependent on anyone,” she says. Perhaps this is where her desire to help her clients look towards the future comes from. Sometimes it is hard to be optimistic when your life appears to be crumbling, but the stage in life is temporary and there is always life after a failed relationship.



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