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Alliya Dulaney

Family Law Legal Intern

Alliya Dulaney, a passionate and driven intern at Modern Law, is committed to making a difference in the field of family law. Her journey in this legal realm began when she worked with children at an after-school kids care program, where she witnessed firsthand how family law impacted the lives of children on a daily basis. This experience sparked Alliya’s interest and deepened her understanding of the importance of advocating for the well-being of families. Among her aspirations, Alliya is particularly excited to develop her trial skills to effectively represent clients and is particularly interested in the field of adoption.

Outside the realm of law, Alliya finds solace in the company of her two beloved dogs, Luna and Daisy. She also nurtures her green thumb through gardening and loves to experiment with new cooking recipes, exploring her culinary talents.

Alliya’s personal background plays a significant role in shaping her perspective and dedication to her work. Having been adopted from China at the age of five, she has called Arizona home ever since. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, graduating summa cum laude with university honors from Northern Arizona University. Additionally, she pursued a minor in Mandarin Chinese, fostering a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. Currently, Alliya is a 3L student at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, where she continues to pursue her legal education.

At ASU Law, Alliya holds the position of articles editor for the Law Journal of Social Justice, allowing her to contribute to important discussions surrounding social issues. Furthermore, she serves as the President of the Diverse Students Coalition, actively working to promote inclusivity and diversity within the legal community. Alliya’s dedication to honing her litigation skills was exemplified when she competed in a regional moot court competition in San Francisco, California. Her ambition lies in becoming a successful litigator, advocating for the rights of her clients.

Alliya takes pride in her accomplishments, such as conquering the highest peak in Arizona—Humphrey’s Peak—and graduating from NAU in just three years. She possesses a remarkable superpower: the ability to make the best out of any situation. When faced with challenges, Alliya approaches them from multiple angles, seeking innovative solutions and demonstrating resilience.

Reconnecting with friends from her orphanage stands as a life-changing event for Alliya. Leveraging the power of technology, she has successfully found connections and maintained relationships with those who share her journey. This experience has reinforced the significance of meaningful relationships and the impact they can have on one’s life.

With her unwavering dedication, diverse experiences, and genuine empathy, Alliya Dulaney is a promising intern who aspires to make a lasting impact in the field of family law. Through her advocacy, she aims to improve the lives of children and families, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Alliya Dulaney

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