Modern Law offers a wide variety of different legal services, but shedding some light on the ways we are able to help with new and existing clients is beneficial for everyone! For instance, Modern Law’s Don Colburn is a specialist in divorce mediation, which is a service you might not consider when initially filing for divorce. We had a quick Q and A with Don to help explain family mediation for divorce, here are his detailed answers:

Q: What does a divorce mediator do?
A:  A mediator at Modern law is an experienced, impartial and unbiased family law attorney, who meets with the parties and attempts to help them reach agreements to resolve some or all of their disputes by entering into binding agreements, crafted to the individual circumstances of their situation. It is an attempt to avoid the high cost, extensive time and unknowns of proceeding to prepare for and proceed to a final hearing with limited time for the Court  to enter Orders resolving the parties’ issues.
Q: What is ADR and how is it different from mediation?
A: ADR is a Court approved settlement conference, where the temporary settlement conference officer handles the settlement conference without cost to the parties, and attempts to help them resolve their issues. The temporary settlement conference officer serves without compensation, so generally you get less time than in private mediation, and the parties have no input in selection of the settlement conference officer. In private mediation, the parties agree upon the impartial mediator and are involved in selection of a mediator appropriate for their particular case and the particular unresolved issues and circumstances. Mediations generally last between a half of day to a full day, where ADR is generally only several hours. You can also agree in private mediation to separate mediation on separate issues on different days, or to mediate over several separate days. Mediation is generally more flexible, because the agreement as to process for the parties to privately mediate is agreed upon to suit the parties particular needs. The mediator generally is compensated equally by each party. Mediators generally charge between $ 250 to $ 400 per hour for their services. which is typically split between the parties.
Q: Why do I need a mediator?
A: Mediation at Modern Law provides the parties with an impartial  experienced family law attorney, who does not represent either party, and can help the parties attempt to reach amicable agreements crafted to their particular situation, and enter agreements which works best for the parties under the circumstances. It provides the parties with an impartial experienced family law attorney, who does not advocate for either party, to explore options, risks, costs and reach agreements, so the parties avoid the extraordinary cost, time, and unknowns of preparing for trial and letting a Judge decide their case based upon probably no more than a three hour hearing. By proceeding to a final hearing, the parties lose control over the ability to craft their own agreements best suited to their particular circumstances. Most cases can be successfully resolved in mediation.
Q: How can you help and what does it cost?
Don Colburn at Modern Law provides a family law attorney to serve as your mediator with over twenty years experience practicing family law in Arizona and over forty five years of total experience practicing law in Arizona. While typically each party would pay such an experienced family law mediator at least $ 600-800 each for a half day mediation, and at least $ 1200-1600 each for a full day mediation, or more, Modern Law offers Mr. Colburn at $ 500 for a half day (three hour mediation), or $ 1,000 for a full day (six hour mediation) which cost is typically split equally between the parties.
For any questions, contact us at 480-471-0346 or email Modern Law and Mr. Colburn look forward to working with you as a mediator to attempt to resolve without trial your family law matter.