Factors That Can Influence Child Support in Mesa

According to Mesa law, the amount of child support a parent owes is established by a calculator set up by the state. The calculator accounts for both parents’ individual incomes, the cost of medical and dental insurance for their child, how many other children they have, any spousal maintenance that is paid or received between the parties, and their parenting time arrangement.

Child support can be awarded either when there is a divorce, when there is an action for custody between unmarried parents, or on a temporary basis pending either type of action. There are many other factors that can influence child support in Mesa, and a family law judge must make a determination in the child’s best interests. For this reason, it is best to enlist the help of a diligent child support attorney from our firm so you can improve your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Child-Sharing Arrangements

The calculator uses a table to determine what the total cost of support should be between the parents, so a child-sharing arrangement can influence child support because. For example, if unmarried parents share three children, and their total combined income is $10,000 per month, the child support table might show that the combined child support obligation is $2,500 per month.

If one of them has sole physical custody, the child support obligation for the other party would be $2,500. Alternatively, if they share equal parenting time, both parties would be obligated to provide $1,250 to each other. Whoever earns more money would pay a portion of their income toward that support amount. The costs of health care and childcare would impact the amount of support owed.

Special Needs

There is a discretionary factor that the Mesa Family Court located at 222 N Javelina Dr can use to consider a child’s special needs. A parent can ask the court to account for the increased costs associated with caring for a special needs child when calculating a support amount, which they can prove by citing documentation of what they have spent for their child over the years.

Factors That Are Not Considered

Buying a child clothes, shoes, school supplies, or school uniforms is not considered when factoring support payments. Providing for their direct needs is not a factor that can influence child support in Mesa, and it doesn’t matter if they are willing to pay for everything on the children’s behalf, unless the parents have an agreement.

The court is not going to consider how much money someone spends on their children, even though they split their parenting time. Child support does not factor in how a parent spends their money. The calculator simply sets an amount that transfers money from one party to the other with the goal of giving the child a consistent lifestyle in both households.

Child’s Age

Child support is typically paid by deducting money from paying parent’s paycheck, which goes directly into the Clearinghouse through the state of Arizona. The Clearinghouse distributes the money to the parent who is receiving the child support. The child’s age is an important factor that can influence child support in Mesa.

Child support orders remain in place from the time that they are entered until the youngest child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever happens later. If a couple has three children, for example, they must modify child support when any of the children reach 18 or graduate from high school. Otherwise, the paying parent will pay the same amount until the youngest child graduates from high school.