Learn How To Manage Your Own Divorce

Where do you start when it comes to divorce? There’s no question it’s a long and complicated road, but Modern Law has been providing people with the help they need for their Arizona family law issue without the necessity of traditional attorney costs.


Family Law Expert Billie Tarascio teaches you how

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Your Representation Options: Should you DIY Your Divorce?

Start with this FREE video series to help you decide how to approach a divorce. Learn about how people can self represent, and manage without an attorney, and whether your situation is appropriate for that choice. You’ll also learn other cost-savings options.

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Navigating the Court

Continue your deep learning and expertise with a six part video course that teaches you what to do and when. You’ll learn from an experienced lawyer what each part of the process means and how you should respond.

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Parenting Plans

If you are a divorcing parent, you’ll need a parenting plan for the years ahead — even if both parents are getting along well. This series teaches you how to structure a plan depending on your situation.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what your schedule is. These lessons are here for you on your time.

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Each lesson is packed with tips and strategies you can use to navigate your divorce or family law matter. When you know more, you’ll be better prepared to get the outcome you want. These lessons help you decide how to proceed.