Kaela Gray

Law Clerk


Kaela Gray Modern Law Attorney

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Canada, to a family of engineers, Kaela’s childhood was a combination of hard work and time management. Her family also valued togetherness, they often created memories by traveling and doing exciting activities. Even her extended family shared the same passion for family fellowship, and large family dinners were often a nightly event. Her wholesome family upbringing imbued her with an enthusiasm to provide a shared happiness to families of all shapes and sizes through family law.

After graduating from high school in Canada, she moved internationally to Oregon and finished her undergrad at Willamette, a small liberal arts college outside of Salem. She recently graduated from Penn State Law in May of 2021, and after searching for top family law firms in the country, found Modern Law in Arizona. So she relocated, yet again, to begin her career in family law with our team. Kaela is currently waiting on her results from the Bar exam and assists our legal team as a Law Clerk.


Why Family Law?

“I got into family law because I wanted to work with people, and make what can be one of the hardest and saddest times in someone’s life a little more bearable. I want to be the type of lawyer that makes a tough or stressful situation more manageable. I love trying to solve or mitigate people problems; and I like that in family law I get to stand up for my clients, to represent their best interests, or their children’s best interests.”


FAvorite types of Cases

“My favorite type of case is one without hatred, where both parties care so much about the other, or their children, and only want the best, but just don’t work together as a couple anymore. My favorite clients are the ones who trust me, who open up to me about their problems or concerns, and who allow me to use my professional judgment in their best interests.”


Creating A Positive Future

Kaela’s balance of empathy and positivity is her professional superpower. The emotional aspects of family law are intense and difficult to deal with, leaving what was your entire life in ruins around you. With a full heart and your best interests in mind, she wants her future clients to know that she can empathize, understand, and support your situation so you can feel better about moving on to the next stage of your life.

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