Child Custody

What Types of Services Can You Provide?

Every Attorney you meet with will be a licensed, experienced, Arizona attorney. We can provide every service that a traditional attorney can provide. We can draft documents, help you conduct discovery, provide mediation services, provide coaching, legal research, draft your pre-trial memorandum, help you prepare for trial and more.

What Are “limited Scope” Legal Services?

Limited Scope means that we handle either specific issues or specific tasks of your legal case. You become part of the legal team on your case, you can have an attorney involved as much or as little as you need. By doing all the tasks that you are capable of doing, with coaching by your attorney, you maximize your resources to save you money.

Can You Accept Payment Plans?

Yes. With our services you are not required to deposit a retainer. You can pay as you go for limited scope services. For limited scope services, you must pay up front for the services you need.