Darin Colburn



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Associate Attorney Darin Colburn (along with his twin brother) has been training to be a divorce attorney his whole life. Darin’s father is a local family law legend. When Darin was very young, he experienced the divorce of his parents firsthand. Theirs was a long and litigious divorce that ended many years after it started with a trip to the court of appeals. He grew up traveling between houses and experienced blended families, step-siblings, half siblings and step parents. All the while, Darin remained the happy-go-lucky joyful person that he is today.

This on the job training has made him a practical and committed advocate of clients. Darin comes up with creative solutions to get things done, all with the long term impacts in mind. Darin’s hands on training, coupled with his background in finance makes him an effective and dangerous opponent.

Darin Colburn is a Phoenix native (Go Suns!!!) who took a short detour in Tucson to earn a degree in Business Economics from the University of Arizona and then his law degree at Arizona Summit Law School, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He is a family law attorney with both personal and professional experience in family law. His background in finance and economics make him a great addition to your legal team.

Early Days

Darin began working for Modern Law in 2013 and has been actively engaged with both Access Legal and Modern Law. He is a tech savvy millennial who uses his excel skills to advocate for the best possible resolutions for his clients. Darin truly cares about his clients and their family. He works outside the box to solve problems and create long term wins for clients.

Darin Is A People Person, Who’s Compassion And Commitment Are Unwavering. In His Spare Time, Darin Loves Cooking, Hanging Out With His Twin, Sporting Events, Eating Out And Working Out.

During the summer after his 2nd year, Darin began working for Modern Law as a legal intern, where he gained invaluable experience researching Arizona Family Law issues and drafting legal documents filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court. His experience as an intern proved to Darin that Modern Law was not your typical law firm. Specifically, he was impressed by the firm’s genuine commitment to making legal services more efficient and effective and improving the business of law.

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