If you brought property into the marriage (like a home or retirement assets) and now you are getting divorced, some of your assets may be co-mingled. Use the calculator to determine the community portion. The community portion will be a made up of the contributions of the community plus a portion of the interest.

Co-mingled Property Estimator

What was the value of the property at the date of the marriage: 
What was the value of the property at the end of the marriage: 
What was the total investment by the community during the marriage: 
The value of the community’s lien:

High Net Worth Property Division Considerations

Arizona law provides for the equitable division of community property upon divorce, no matter what your total net worth. For the average American this entails dividing real property, personal property, vehicles, financial accounts, and maybe a retirement account or...

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Community Liens Valuation In A Divorce

Community Liens can be a complicated and confusing term and can be a difficult concept in your divorce. Unless you were married at a very young age, you and your spouse probably each came into the marriage with some property. Is it your property or your spouse's? Or...

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Should I keep the house in Divorce?

Should I keep the house in Divore? One of the most difficult decisions people face when going through a divorce is whether to keep the house. Parents often want to keep the house to provide stability for the kids. Is it a good idea? It depends. Pros: The advantage of...

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Should I Settle My Divorce?

Should I Settle My Divorce? Many paths lead to family court, but only two roads lead out: (1) either the parties reach an agreement; or (2) a judge decides the outcome. Due to the inherently contentious nature of many family law cases, it is difficult for most...

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Should I Keep the House?

DIVIDING ASSETS – The Family Home  I'm Divorcing. Should I keep the house? I have been married 2 years and have 2 children with my wife. We purchased a home less than a year ago and each earn similar incomes. Unfortunately we both have to contribute to be able to pay...

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How a Storage Unit Helps During a Divorce

(The following is a Guest Blog courtesy of Desert Storage) Going through a divorce is a hard enough process. You don’t want to have to worry about storing your possessions or keeping them safe. That’s why a storage unit is a popular solution when for this tough...

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How to Pack a Moving Truck

10 STEPS TO PACKING YOUR MOVING TRUCK IN AN EASY, EFFECTIVE WAY: Many clients facing a divorce must move their residences. This post "How to Pack a Moving Truck" is courtesy of the professionals at Desert Storage! How to Pack a Moving Truck  1. First, make sure you...

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Our life online- the cost/benefit analysis

Court says your life on social media is not private Hmmm- are we surprised? In the event you are one day involved in a lawsuit, be it family related or otherwise, your old Facebook pictures and posts are likely fair game. Likewise, your Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter...

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Benefits to Legal Separation Instead of Divorce in Arizona

What Are the Benefits To Legal Separation Instead of Divorce in Arizona? There are many reasons why a married couple may be considering legal separation as opposed to divorce in Arizona. But it’s important to know how these two different procedures are distinctive, as...

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