Christopher Torrenzano



Why Clients Love Christopher:

“Christopher is the most brilliant young man I have ever met. He’s amazing in court. The judge was hanging on his every word and he was so prepared. With my last attorney I wasn’t sure they even remembered my kids names. Christopher knew my case so well and represented me better than I could have asked for. “

After law school I had an identity crisis. I had majored in finance in college and focused on corporate law in law school. Instead, I took a chance on delaying the bar exam.

It was a drastic step. Not taking an exam may sound trivial, but to dedicate your life to college for four years and law school for three, and then to decide not to complete the last task out of the thousands of tasks you had to do in order to get to this point, causes a shockwave across your universe, disrupting everything.

Instead of taking the exam, I wanted to truly understand what I was experiencing. If I had hired a professional – i.e. a therapist, psychologist, etc, – I likely would have expedited the process, but I was not someone who asked others for help.

So, I started studying the brain so I could understand how people think and feel. I read books, watched videos, followed thought-leaders, and organized all of the information into a format which I compared to my personal experience so I could diagnose and treat whatever it was I was suffering from. I removed myself from the world that had influenced and continued to reenforce my suffering, and placed myself in a new environment, surrounded by people where I could learn and grow.

Finding Family Law

I moved from New Jersey to Arizona and joined a technology company. I fought and struggled and worked my way through my identity crises and I found family law. I didn’t want to advise large corporations. I wanted to work with people. I wanted to help people who were struggling from their own identity crisis, transitioning from a relationship that becomes your identity into finding who you are beyond your role as a Father, Mother, boyfriend or girlfriend. I wanted to use my undergraduate degree in finance to help navigate complex financial transactions and my personal experience to navigate the most difficult of emotional situations.


New York Law School, New York, NY August 2012 – May 2015

Juris Doctor | Magna Cum Laude | Class Rank: 10/244 | GPA: 3.87

  • New York Law School Law Review, Staff Editor | Dean Leadership Council | Dean’s List, High Honors
  • Securities Arbitration Clinic | Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA August 2007 – May 2011

Bachelor of Business, Finance with a concentration in Marketing

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