Candice Tully



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I was in a long-term, abusive relationship from the end of high school through my early 20’s.  What initially started as young love, turned into a full-out war zone.  I was surrounded by verbal, physical and emotional abuse from someone who thought recreational drug use wasn’t an issue.  Very shortly after my 18th birthday I found out I was pregnant.  I tried to reconcile the relationship for 4 years after my son was born, which involved numerous altercations, several bloody noses and plenty of “other women”, but I finally knew I had to call it quits when I discovered my son’s father had progressed from occasional recreational drugs to using heroin in our family home while I was at work.

Leaving was hard, but it wasn’t the hardest part.  That came as my son grew older and asked about his father, even though his memories of us as a family were very clouded.  Eventually over the years, as his father never came around, the questions became less and less frequent.  But for many years I felt guilty, knowing that the decision that needed to be made would also cause my son heartache.

My son now has a new role model in his life and is happy.  We frequently have conversations of his father, who still is not in the picture, but are sure to never put his father down (despite my desires to sometimes to so).  Leaving was not a mistake.  It was just the start of another chapter.

Journey To Family Law

I fell into family law accidentally.  After leaving my son’s father in 2012, I started the paralegal program and applied for a Craigslist ad for a receptions position at what turned out to be Modern Law.  The rest is history!  After about a year with the company, I quickly transitioned to a paralegal position and am now the managing paralegal.

Why Modern Law

In many ways, Candice grew up with Modern Law and we grew with her. She was with the company through many of our growing years and has consistently helped create the company’s vision, mission and identity.

Perspective As A Single Mom

Candice is the true definition of a single mom. She knows that this heartbreaking, life changing transition is something that can make you stronger.  Her story with her ex is a chapter, but it’s not the end.  Her son is her world, and together with the support of her extended family she has created her own reality away from violence and drugs.

Professionally, Candice is experienced, organized, diligent, and very committed.  She’s passionate about helping people.  She knows the heartache surrounding the situation that many of our clients face, but she also knows there is light at the end of the tunnel.  She knows first-hand and through years of working with clients that the way you feel today is not the way you will feel in nine months when your case is done, or in two years after you have truly moved on.

She will pull you through the process, not holding your hand, but pushing you to take the steps that you need to take. Not just for your case but for your life.

Candice holds a bachelor’s degree in justice studies from Arizona State University with a minor in criminology.  In her spare time, she enjoys going to hockey games with her son and boyfriend, and attends concerts with friends.  She has a very close relationship with her extended family and spends the summer in a beach house in Rhode Island.

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