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Can I get Child Support for a Child in College?

Can I get Child Support for a Child in College?
In Arizona, the duty to support children ends when that child turns 18 or finished high school, whichever is later. Exceptions do exist for disabled children and the parties may agree to continue support after high school.
If a child is unable to live independently due to physical or emotional disabilities, ARS 25-302E provides the circumstances and factors to be considered where a court can order extended child support past the age of 18.

  1. The child’s disability must have begun before the child turned 18.
  2. The Child must be unable to support himself.
  3. The financial resources avaiable and the child’s specific needs.
  4. The financial resources and needs of the custodial and non custodial parent.
  5. The standard of living the child would have enjoyed if the child lived in an intact home with both parents to the extent it is economically feasible…
  6. The physical and emotional condition of the child and the child’s educational needs.
  7. The medical support plan for the child, including the availability of insurance and State assistance.
  8. Excessive or abnormal expenditiures, fraud, concealment and other bad behavior.
  9. The duration of parenting time and related expenses.

If the condition of the child is speculative, the Court may wait until the child reaches the age of majority before entering an order of this nature. Because it is a fact specific question requiring a deviation from the guidelines, you should take advantage of a consultation 480-649-2905.

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