The Role of Conciliation Services in Arizona

The Role of Conciliation Services in Arizona

The Role of Conciliation Services in Arizona

The Role of Conciliation Services in Arizona

“Conciliation” is the process of helping people reconcile or settle a dispute. In Arizona, Conciliation Court is a remedial branch of Superior Court, which helps people in two ways. Those couples who wish to reconcile can get advice from an objective third party, and those spouses with children who can’t reach agreement on parenting issues will get court ordered mediation.

Underlying Philosophy

This is a form of alternate dispute resolution. It offers a chance for people to settle their disagreements with the help of an objective third party. Those couples who want to save their marriage can file an application for Conciliation Counseling. Once the petition is served, a joint meeting will be scheduled. The counselor does not provide marriage counseling or therapy. Rather, they guide the couple to examine other choices and provide a list of court approved counselors or therapists.

There’s an underlying sense that people divorced too rapidly, and should have the time to examine, understand and resolve conflicts before ending a marriage.

Mediation Services

If the marriage can’t be saved, Conciliation Court can also mediate between divorcing parents. The courts believe that harmonious divorce proceedings are far better for the children. When divorcing parents can agree on visitation and custody issues, it helps create a better environment for their children. These children are far less likely to get into trouble, will do well in school and have an easier time adjusting to life after divorce.

Mandatory Counseling

Superior Court has the authority to order divorcing parents to attend, separately, a course on how divorce affects the children. It gives guidelines how to parent during and after the divorce. Most importantly, parents should appreciate the effect of divorce upon their children, and help them through it. For those couples who do not want to let go of conflict, this session raises their awareness and helps divorcing parents form a new partnership.

Conciliation Court is, in essence, mediation for divorcing parents and children. In some cases, the Superior court can order the court to investigate issues involving parenting, or child support, then issue a report to the superior court judge who requested it. The Conciliation Court has a twofold purpose: to counsel, investigate when ordered and report findings to the court.

How Conciliation Court Serves the People

In order to understand the purpose of the court, people should appreciate that it serves several functions. It will attempt to reconcile people who are uncertain about ending their marriage. For those couples who have children, and are determined to dissolve their marriage, it provides counseling and guidance. By resolving legal disputes, it forms a structure for a better life after divorce. When parents reach agreement on legal issues, they can build a post-divorce life for their children and for themselves.

So, the Conciliation court employs counseling to save marriages or pacify contentious divorce proceedings. It helps families through divorce litigation, and form agreements which enable them to live a healthy, productive life after a divorce decree is granted.