One Hour Consultations That Could Save You Thousands!$$$$$

1. If you get sued, or you are anticipating being sued, spending one hour with an attorney may save you thousands of dollars. Many of our clients come in after being served with a complaint. You cannot ignore these documents. We can help you decide what to do next.
2. Prior to getting a divorce. Even if you and your spouse have agreed to everything, seeing an attorney for an hour will help you prevent future problems. The attorney will ask questions and anticipate issues that may arise. By taking care of the potential issues in advance, you can avoid costly arguments/disagreements in the future.
3. After having children, getting a divorce, or receiving an inheritance. There is almost never a bad time to look at your current estate plan or develop one if you don’t already have one. After any major life changing event, it’s a great idea to re-look at your situation and make sure what you have still reflects your goals. Even if you decide to fill out a form on your own, spending one hour with an attorney will help you get the most out of that form.
4. Prior to signing any type of lease. Before you sign a lease for an apartment, home, a car or especially, any commercial property, have an attorney look at your lease. Even if you have a broker who swears everything is “standard,” it isn’t. Take the time to know what it is that you are signing and negotiate key pieces of the document.
5. Prior to entering into any type of legal negotiation or settlement. Whether you are involved in a criminal or civil matter, it certainly can be in your best interest to settle a claim out of court. However, the most efficient way to settle any type of claim is with the assistance of an attorney. Attorneys are experienced negotiators and know your rights under the circumstances. One hour with an attorney prior to any settlement will ensure that you protect your interests and that the settlement document is an accurate reflection of your agreement.