King Saga- Part III- Judges Ruling

King Saga- Part III- Judges Ruling

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On July 3, 2013, 55 days after a hearing to determine whether or not to give Laura visitation rights to her son, the Judge issued his ruling. As an aside, Judge’s have 60 maximum days to enter an order, orders are typically received within two weeks. His one-page Order denied Laura any and all rights to see Alexander.

The Order stated the two women lived together “for a relatively short period of time from his birth until the relationship ended.” (Four Years).  It went on to quote Carrie saying that Laura had “many women” coming and going. Steve, Laura’s cousin, stated he had known Laura for 23 years and did not support Alexander seeing her.

The Order was just over one page, filled with errors, and eventually ruled that “custody” would be awarded to the parents. Laura had not asked for “custody.” She requested third party visitation. We, her attorneys, have asked for a new trial based on the legal errors we see in the Order. Our motion is awaiting a ruling from the Judge same Judge who ruled against her. Her only legal hope after this is an appeal.

Both Carrie and Steve chose to have a child with Laura. Their intent was for Laura to raise Alexander as she did for the first 18 months of his life. To now claim this is somehow not in Alexander’s interest is hypocritical, ironic, and just plain wrong. Where is the justice for Alex?

In the meantime, the other potential father has filed to request a paternity test and challenge the legal paternity that may or may not have been established. Carrie’s attorney has refused to accept service on her behalf. She has failed to update her address with the court and a skip trace still has not revealed her current address. We are waiting an order for DNA testing. It may be Laura’s only hope to see her son.