Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

Flat Fee Divorce Arizona Attorney

Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

Do you like Uber? If so, you will love Modern Law.

Modern Law recently expanded our fee model to allow clients to lock in a flat fee price for their divorce or family law case. The result has been astounding. More than half of the people we talk with are signing up to take advantage of the flat fee model. In fact, we are close to being in a position of turning clients away do to the sharp increase in demand. What is going on?

  1. Flat fees bring people certainty.
  2. Flat Fees shift the risk to the attorney.
  3. Flat fees align the objectives of the attorney and the client.
  4. Flat fees encourage results and efficiency.


The flat fee divorce is very different from the traditional model.

For instance, in our standard advanced fee agreement we use language like every other attorney that includes language explaining we are making no guarantees about the final price or results obtained through representation. You will be billed hourly (per minute actually) for every time we touch your case. The more time it takes us, the more it costs you.

The average divorce in this country costs each side $20,000. Your divorce may cost $5k or it may cost $50k. We have no way of knowing or guaranteeing or capping your fees under the traditional model.

With the flat fee model you know exactly what you need to budget for and how much it will cost to obtain your results. Our attorneys lock in a price with you following our initial consultation. We have also created a calculator you can use in advance to estimate what your flat fee might be.

People love the certainly of knowing that no matter how long it takes, we will get them divorced for a flat fee.

Risk shifts to the attorney.

Under the traditional model, all of the risk is on the client. If the opposing party runs up your bill, there is nothing your attorney can do to prevent your bill from climbing. If the Judge continues your case three times (which has happened) and you end up litigating for two years, you bill increases. If the opposing party won’t disclose documents you need and we need to subpoena third parties, you will need to pay for your attorney to draft the documents, emails, and process all of the information. All of the risk is on you, the client.

Under the flat fee model, the risk now shifts to the attorney. The attorney is responsible for accomplishing a given objective for a specific price. If the attorney fails to account for all possible contingencies, they will lose money.

At Modern Law, we have always been very conscious of our clients’ budget constraints. No one has an unlimited budget for legal fees and we have always sought to be good stewards of our clients’ resources. That means many times we may have forgone a deposition or discovery requests of the opposing party in order to save money for clients. With the flat fee model, we can be as creative as we would like in our legal approach without charging the client any more money! This is incredibly freeing for the attorney and makes us better advocates for our clients.

Objectives and Aligned.

Your goal is to achieve favorable results for your divorce or modification or enforcement as quickly as possible. With flat fees, the attorney is also incentivized to achieve the desired outcome as quickly as possible. The attorney actually makes more money per hour by settling your case favorably and efficiently, creating the ultimate win-win for the client and attorney. The longer your case takes, the less money the attorney makes per hour. They are now incentivized to work effectively and efficiently and creatively on your case.

Results and Efficiency.

Have you ever wondered if your attorney is really working as diligently as they can to wrap up your case? Do you hate getting invoices that tell you the attorney spent .5 hours talking to the opposing counsel about discovery and disclosure requests? Do you wonder if they also talked about this weekends’ plans or the upcoming convention they are both speaking at? With flat fees, you no longer get those annoying invoices. You no longer have to wonder if your attorney is spending too long on your case. The more efficient your attorney, the better! You are not paying by the minute.

Think about it like this, with Uber, you know in advance how much you will pay for your cab ride. With taxi’s, if you are stuck in traffic, the meter runs. You are not getting to your destination any faster and yet you are paying more to get there. Yuck. We are the Uber of family law.

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