Check it out! We’ve gotten a wonderful endorsement

Check it out! We’ve gotten a wonderful endorsement from “The Best Products Media Guide”

Company: Tarascio & Del Vecchio

Product Description:

Tarascio & Del Vecchio is a law firm with a different model of services designed to make lawyers affordable for the middle class. Instead of requiring retainers and billing in 6 minute increments, Tarascio & Del Vecchio charge a low hourly rate starting at $99/hour and allow clients to pay as they go.

Instead of taking on the entire case, the firm handles the case on a “limited scope” basis. Tarascio & Del Vecchio specialize in legal self-help, assisting you do as much as you can yourself. The choice is yours, you can have your Attorney handle every aspect of your case or simply provide guidance and answer questions. Tarascio & Del Vecchio are available for everything from general coaching to in court representation.

Professional services include: family law, divorce, child custody, or restraining orders, real estate issues like landlord tenant or short sale, bankruptcy, small business services, estate planning, immigration and civil litigation.

Orca Endorsement:

Tarascio & Del Vecchio was invited to join Orca Communications’ Best of Arizona! Media Guide Campaign, a semi-annual round-up to be rolled out to media across Arizona and the USA. Orca Communications’ endorses and stands behind Tarascio & Del Vecchio because they offer legal expertise on a broad range of issues at reasonable prices. We know that Tarascio & Del Vecchio will revolutionize legal practices, nationwide. Their unique concept of providing ONLY limited scope services makes legal aid affordable to all people, no matter their economic situation. This is why Tarascio & Del Vecchio was chosen to be included in Orca Communications’ Best of Arizona! Media Guide Campaign.


Sold At:

Retail Price: $99 – $129/hour

Media Contact: Billie Tarascio


Address: 137 N. Country Club Dr.

City: Mesa

State: AZ

Zip: 85201

Phone: 480-649-2905

Fax: 480-717-4779