Marcy Townsley

Accounts and Billing


Marcy Townsley is a fantastic addition to Modern Law!

Marcy originally came to Modern Law as a client in a very ugly and complex divorce case. After more than two years of working closely with Modern Law, it became clear that we could not live without her.

Marcy was married for close to 30 years when it became clear that she could no longer avoid divorce. As a devout Christian, the decision to leave was not one she took lightly. She is a singer of praise and worship music and wears a wedding ring to symbolize her marriage to Jesus.

Marcy’s professional background was in managing a closely held family business with her husband for many years. She gained firsthand knowledge of bookkeeping, billing, and accounts receivables all while homeschooling her six children (See why we couldn’t live without her?)

Through her divorce, Marcy worked closely with the firm navigating two years through a protracted and complex divorce. Her personal knowledge of the distress, and tension of divorce makes her uniquely capable of understanding a clients’ anxieties.

Her organizational and bookkeeping skills, coupled with her calm demeanor and inspiring poise, prompted Modern Law to bring her onboard in the bookkeeping and billing department.

Marcy’s positive experience during her divorce made an easy decision to join the firm and be a part of the Modern Law team. Marcy is a true advocate for clients and an indispensable member of our team.