Candice’s Story

I met the love of my life in high school. His name was Alan and he was gorgeous. He was troubled, dangerous, sexy and fun. He wasn’t like most of the people I knew. He was rebellious. He rode dirt bikes and hung out with a crowd I had never known before. The chemistry was instant. The first year was amazing. He brought me into his world and I was madly in love. His sister threw us a big party for our one year anniversary. His parents were out of town and we were joined by a dozen or so people. There were drugs and alcohol at the party. He went to go leave and I tried to stop him. Alan shoved me into the counter and left. I walked outside and there were cop lights. That was the first time he was arrested- it wasn’t the last.

A month after my 18th birthday I found out I was pregnant.

After Maxx was born, we tried to be together for four years. He gave me several bloody noses. He cheated. The relationship was volatile. Alan went on to be arrested for possession of drugs, paraphernalia, stolen property, DUI, traffic violations and probation violations. I broke it off for the last time when I found out he was doing heroin.

He hasn’t seen Maxx in almost four years. He hasn’t ever paid a dime of child support. He’s now serving a 2.5 year sentence for drugs and stolen property.

For the first year or two after we broke up I was a mess. I missed him. I wanted him to be a Father to Maxx. I felt so guilty that Maxx didn’t have a dad.

Journey to Family Law

I fell into family law accidentally. I broke up with Alan and found the paralegal program for an associates degree. I found an ad for a law firm and was hired by Modern Law. I was 22. Maxx was three. It was my first full time job.

Why Modern Law

In many ways, Candice grew up with Modern Law and we grew with her. She was with the company through many of our growing years and has helped create the Company’s vision, mission and identity.

Candice’s Perspective

Candice is the true definition of a single mom. She knows that this heartbreaking life changing transition is something that can make you stronger. Her story with Alan is a chapter, it’s not the end. Maxx is the center of Candice’s world. He is 8 and beautiful. Together with the support of her extended family she has created her own reality.

Professionally Candice is experienced, organized, diligent, and very committed. She’s passionate about helping people. She knows the heartache surrounding the situation that many of our clients face, but she also knows there is light at the end of the tunnel.

She knows first-hand and through years of working with clients that the way you feel today is not the way you will feel in nine months when your case is done, or in two years after you have truly moved on.

She will pull you through the process, not holding your hand, but pushing you to take the steps that you need to take. Not just for your case but for your life.

Candice is currently a student at Arizona State University studying criminal justice. In her spare time, she goes to hockey games with Maxx and attends concerts with friends. She has a very close relationship with her extended family and spends the summer in a beach house in Rhode Island.