Moving on after a Mesa Divorce

Following the close of a divorce case, there are some legal steps that must be taken. After a marriage dissolution, a lawyer will sit down with their client and give them a packet on what to do after they have gotten a divorce. There are quite a few things that usually need to be done.

Just because you have received a final divorce decree does not mean that you are done. If you have not changed the beneficiaries on your life insurance or retirement accounts, you will need to do so as soon as possible. You may also need to change the title of your car or house.

Sometimes, items of property have to be sold and split. It is not unusual for there to be quite a bit of cleanup that has to be done after you feel like your divorce should be over. Legally transferring the title and beneficiaries and updating your estate plan are all part of moving on after a Mesa divorce.

Updating Important Documents

As part of moving on after the close of a Mesa divorce case, you should update your estate plan, all of your powers of attorneys, all of your beneficiaries, your payable on death designations, your will, and guardianship for your children. You should also take a look at the titles of your home, car, and anything you and your ex-spouse owned together that you might want divided, since these titles need to be changed.

Some people will have an underlying trust that needs to be updated. Sometimes, they have to change their name, or someone has elected to change their name. A recently divorced person may need to get a new Social Security card, a new driver’s license, a new Costco card, and new credit cards.

Once you get your decree, there may be quite a few errands – some big, some small – to wrap up the uncoupling of the community. Unfortunately, they are not done just because they got that divorce decree.

Role of an Attorney

You usually do not need your attorney to help you effectuate a name change after a divorce. Instead, a lawyer could help you get your estate plans up to date after a divorce and give you directions on exactly what to do. We could also help you get certified copies of your decree if you have not been able to get that. A member of our team could get you instructions on exactly what to do so you can do most of these things yourself.

Advice from Our Team for Moving on after a Mesa Divorce

Some general advice for people looking to move on after a divorce is to be aware that there is a lot of cleanup after a marriage ends, such as changing their name, changing the character of assets, paying off debts, and moving things around. It can feel like you have gone through this long process to get yourself divorced, and now you are expected to do more work.

It is hard, but one of the ways that you can really set yourself up for success is by making sure that you have all the legal documentation you need. You will need to get birth certificates, passports, and all of the legal documentation that could have been split up during the process.

Getting divorced is such a big undertaking and really is so much work. The more you can get organized, have a plan, and get help if you need it, the better off you will be. Moving on after a Mesa divorce and then following up with everything that needs to be done is not easy, but with some organization and help, you can definitely do it.