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Can I change my child’s last name?

When the relationship between parents has broken down, married or unmarried, who chooses the child’s name? And can a child's last name be changed afterward? More than 40% of children are born to unmarried parents in the United States. Sometimes the parents...

Modification of Parenting Time and Legal Decision Making

How to Change Your Parenting Time Meet Sally. Sally is a mom of three children, ages 2, 7, and 10. Sally and her ex-husband, Bob, were divorced one year ago. Sally and Bob agreed to joint legal decision-making and equal parenting time at the time of their divorce. For...

Modification Options

For the vast majority of parents who are divorced or who were never married, family court is part of your reality. And, unfortunately, things change! A parenting plan that worked when a child was three is unlikely to work when a child is 13. Jobs change, people move,...

What’s the difference between custody and legal decision making?

What's the difference between custody and legal decision making? I want to file a modification of custody for my child. My ex is crazy and can't raise my child right. What can I do? Great Question! The difference between “custody” and Legal Decision Making Authority...

What Can a Court Appointed Advisor Do?

"The Court appointed a Court Appointed Advisor in my case but I have no idea what that is and how it affects my case. Please help." A Court Appointed Advisor is an individual that the Court appoints to testify or submit a report that explains the advisor’s...

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