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Announcing Modern Law Forms, LLC

In his 2008 book, Richard Susskind discusses The End of Lawyers. He predicts that with increased access to information and technology, people will have access to legal information and the role of lawyers as we know it will change. We, at Modern Law, couldn’t agree more and are announcing a big launch, Modern Law Forms, LLC.
Nine months ago, I was talking with a fantastic and committed client. She had a complicated family law case and simply could not afford any more help. Her ex husband had been filing various motions with the court for the last three years. Even with a pay as you go option, she was out of money. Lawyers simply cost too much.
“The forms online are just too complicated,” she said, speaking of the Maricopa County Self Help Forms. “When I file the self-help forms it feels like he is immediately taken more seriously than I am. It just feels like this is one more way he can bully me.”
Out of this client, and the notion that the role of lawyers is changing, came the idea for Modern Law Forms. Technology is the answer for reducing the cost of legal services and increasing accessibility to information. For the last nine months, we have opened a new company and worked to develop a software solution that will open access to clients to the most professional, up-to-date, family legal forms. These forms can and have been used internally, to reduce the time we attorneys are spending repeating mundane tasks. With Modern Law Forms, a client, or attorney, will only have to type a case number once. This information, and all other information related to a case, will be saved in a client’s profile and merged into any and all required legal pleadings for a case.
With Modern Law Forms, a client can have the best of both worlds, the ability to do what you can yourself and the assistance and support of a local law firm when you need it. Modern Law Forms is not a law firm- it is a separate company created by attorneys for attorneys and clients alike. The family law forms are specific to Maricopa, Pinal and Pima County. Now attorneys can spend time doing what we do best- strategize, analyze and in court representation and clients can save even more money and have better tools than ever.
Modern Law and Modern Law Forms is excited to announce its newest release designed to increase access to justice for all. Look for the site launch  This is a BETA launch, so we need your feedback. Let us know what you think, what you suggest, and what else we can be doing to support you.

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